Episode 30: How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Stuff Done – Interview with Productivity Expert Hugh Culver

We THINK we’re busy…but the reality is…we really only put in a couple of quality hours of work per day.

hugh culverDo you put off the most important tasks until the last minute, resulting in sleepless nights and a whole lotta stress? Or do you get distracted easily by email, social media or delicious snacks? If so, this episode is for you!

Today I’m talking productivity hacks with keynote speaker and best-selling author Hugh Culver (@HughCulver). He helps people bust through procrastination and create real results and success in their lives.

Being a master of productivity means that he also has time to go on awesome outdoor adventures in his home country of Canada! (Surf skiing, anyone?) [Read more…]

Episode 29: How To Blitz Your Job Interview – Secrets of Executive Speech Coach Diane DiResta

[In the workplace] CONFIDENCE trumps COMPETENCE. That’s why if…you see someone who you know has less skill than you and they get promoted, I’ll bet you anything they have the confidence and ability to sell themselves.

dianne-middleSo you’ve landed that all-important job interview. Now all you need to do is rock up with your portfolio, let them see how how good you are at 3D modeling, and tell them that your only weakness is ‘perfectionism’. Right?


According to a study by the University of Michigan, when it comes to hiring managers, most decisions are based on 40% skill and 60% chemistry!

So what does this mean for you? Yep, if you can communicate well, you are much more likely to succeed at winning jobs!

This is just one of the many things revealed by my amazing guest this week – Diane DiResta.

Diane is a licensed speech pathologist, highly sought-after speaker and communication coach. She is the founder of DiResta Communications, a company that helps high profile people like top executives, politicians, celebrities and sport stars to speak the language of confidence and communicate effectively.

I was very excited to speak to Diane about how to be successful in job interviews and in the workplace. So if you are job hunting or want to move up in your workplace, this episode is a must-listen! I can’t stress enough how important this stuff is. [Read more…]

Episode 24: How to Overcome Anxiety and Become ‘Performance Ready’ – Interview with ‘The GPS Girl’ Karen Jacobsen

If you [can] speak to a group of people feeling completely calm about who you are…miracles [will happen] in every area of your life.

Karen JacobsenFasten your seatbelts: this week I am speaking with the wonderful Karen Jacobsen, AKA ‘The GPS Girl.’

Yes folks, she is the voice in tens of millions of GPS units around the world, helping directionally-challenged people reach their destinations.

She also helps people recalculate their personal journeys and work towards their ‘destinations’ (ha!) in life and business at thegpsgirl.com.

Apart from being a coach, speaker and voiceover artist, Karen is also a successful singer-songwriter. Talk about being multi-talented! (PLUS she’s an Aussie. Woo hoo!)

I met her here in New York at a National Speakers Association event, and as I got to know her, I was surprised to discover that she used to suffer from severe anxiety as a child, and struggled with it well into adulthood. So I’m super excited to have her on the show to share with you how she overcame this anxiety, and how you too can learn to manage your nerves in stressful situations. [Read more…]

Episode 22: Body Language Secrets – Simple Tricks For Getting Confident, Building Trust & Reading People’s Minds! Interview with Blake Eastman of The Nonverbal Group

People get so concerned with nailing their presentation that they forget to be natural and comfortable, and it’s that anxiety that produces behaviours that make them less effective.

Blake Eastman Nonverbal Group Christina Canters Design Draw SpeakThis week I am thrilled to be sharing with you the secrets of body language hacker, former professional poker player and serial entrepreneur Blake Eastman.

Ever wondered what your body language reveals about you? Blake Eastman’s the man to ask! As the founder of The Nonverbal Group, Blake teaches people how to use nonverbal communication to be confident and successful in situations like business meetings, presentations, dating and other social interactions. Fascinating stuff!

I took a class with Blake and was fascinated to learn just how much our non-verbal cues say about us. I discovered that they totally affect the way other people view us, even though they may not know why!

Blake uses real world examples to explain his secret tricks for instantly making you more likable, persuasive and confident. And the best part? You can easily implement them in your next social situation! [Read more…]

How Do You Stand Out From The Crowd? A Tip Every Design Student Should Know!

Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.

Paul J. Meyer

Christina Canters Design Draw Speak MoCCA Charlie Brown

Wanna stand out like giant inflatable Charlie Brown?

Yesterday I went to the MoCCA Arts Fest, an event where illustrators and artists (mostly doing comics and cartoons) showcase their work. A mid-sized comic book convention, you could call it!

Frankly, comics and graphic novels aren’t really my ‘thing’, but I was invited by an illustrator friend, so I went.

At first, it was a bit overwhelming. There was so much work on display, and I didn’t understand any of it! So to learn more about this foreign world of illustration and cartooning, I started chatting to the artists.

A number of them were students who are graduating soon. All of them had excellent work, all of them were very passionate and all of them were considering their potential career paths after graduating.

One young woman in particular stood out.

I didn’t see much of her work at all, but I remember her. Do you know why? I was hovering near her table when she looked me in the eye and said: “Hi! How are you? How has your day been?”

It seems like such a simple thing, but I tell you what: I had been walking around for 40 minutes and she was the FIRST person who had initiated a conversation with me. I was super impressed that she had made a genuine effort to connect and engage with me. [Read more…]