Episode 20: The Power of Visuals in Your Presentation – Interview with Nadine Hanafi of We Are Visual

People appreciate it when you make an effort to simplify [dense] information…and put it in an image that will make it easy for them to absorb.

nadine hanafi design draw speakThis week I’m gettin’ visual with Visual Thinker and Communication Designer Nadine Hanafi.

Nadine is the founder of We Are Visual, a company dedicated to turning mediocre PowerPoint decks into visual experiences that persuade, inspire and engage. How cool is that?!

Not only determined to rid the world of mediocre presentations, Nadine also aims to ’empower people to become visual leaders and thinkers’ through her work.

She believes that a good idea alone won’t save a weak presentation. Having strong visuals can not only boost your presentation, but can also ignite passion, inspire others and get YOUR message across, just as you intended!


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