Episode 22: Body Language Secrets – Simple Tricks For Getting Confident, Building Trust & Reading People’s Minds! Interview with Blake Eastman of The Nonverbal Group

People get so concerned with nailing their presentation that they forget to be natural and comfortable, and it’s that anxiety that produces behaviours that make them less effective.

Blake Eastman Nonverbal Group Christina Canters Design Draw SpeakThis week I am thrilled to be sharing with you the secrets of body language hacker, former professional poker player and serial entrepreneur Blake Eastman.

Ever wondered what your body language reveals about you? Blake Eastman’s the man to ask! As the founder of The Nonverbal Group, Blake teaches people how to use nonverbal communication to be confident and successful in situations like business meetings, presentations, dating and other social interactions. Fascinating stuff!

I took a class with Blake and was fascinated to learn just how much our non-verbal cues say about us. I discovered that they totally affect the way other people view us, even though they may not know why!

Blake uses real world examples to explain his secret tricks for instantly making you more likable, persuasive and confident. And the best part? You can easily implement them in your next social situation! [Read more…]

Episode 21: How to Manage Your Ego…and Other Things I Learned in Architecture School – Interview with Matthew Frederick

[Design process] can be frustrating because that’s the invisible part, but it might be the most important thing you’ll take out into the real world after graduation.

matt_frederickThis week I’m very excited to chat with the wonderful Matthew Frederick.

Matthew is an architect, educator and author of one of my favourite books of all time, 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School.

In fact, he has created a whole ‘101 Things I Learned’ series! Check it out here: www.101thingsilearned.com.

In this episode Matt and I delve a little deeper into 4 lessons from the book:

  • How to draw a line (#1)
  • Manage your ego (#86)
  • If you can’t explain your ideas to your grandmother in terms that she understands, you don’t know your subject well enough (#48)
  • An effective oral presentation of a studio project begins with the general and proceeds towards the specific (#57)

Thank you also to Will for sharing his Story from Studio with us! (Click here to share yours!) [Read more…]