Episode 23: How To Approach People And Have Incredible Conversations – Interview with Andrew Lovick

Create a positive impact…be excited to meet them, and they will reciprocate and be excited to meet you as well.

Andrew Lovick Design Draw Speak Christina CantersDo you find it difficult to approach people at networking events, parties or even just on the street? Communication skills expert and serial conversationalist Andrew Lovick is here to help!

I met Andrew (@Lovicksandiego) at Social Media Marketing World 2014 in San Diego, and was blown away by his energy, generosity and natural ability to really engage with people in conversation. I just HAD to get him on the show!

In this episode, Andrew and I talk about why it’s so important to practice approaching people, and what you can do to make it much less awkward!

Thanks also to Nik Parks (@Nik_Parks) from Launching Creative for sharing his Story from Studio! (Want to share YOUR story? Click here!) [Read more…]