What I Learned From A Conversation Fail

 Success can be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have.

Tim Ferriss

One of my favourite communication challenges is to have an ‘uncomfortable conversation’.

I truly believe that the more you practice it, the more at ease you’ll be when it gets to presentation time.

‘Uncomfortable conversations’ can include: asking for a pay rise, cold calling, asking someone on a date, etc, but a very simple was is to initiate a conversation with a stranger.

Last week I braved the below-zero chill in New York City to experience the St Patrick’s day parade. I’ve never seen such a big celebration of this event, nor have I seen so many people decked out in bright green. I think 90% of them weren’t even Irish! Oh well, good on them for getting involved! [Read more…]

Episode 8: 5 Communication Lessons From Beyoncé

This week I am very excited to have…Beyoncé on the show! design_draw_speak

(Just kidding. Maybe one day. Beyoncé, if you’re reading this, would you consider joining me on the show? Tweet me!)

Anyway, I think the super talented Mrs Carter knows a thing or two about communication. How else do you build a huge tribe of adoring fans, including 13 million-plus Twitter followers?

In today’s episode I talk about 5 communication lessons we can all learn from Beyoncé. And most of them can apply to situations in everyday life, so I strongly encourage you to practice them…starting tomorrow! (It is a new year, after all!)

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Episode 3 – The Meaning Of Your Message Is The EFFECT It Has – Interview With Dr. Steve Carey

Ohhhhh yeah do I feel like a rock star or what…it’s my very first interview!design_draw_speak_artwork_blog

I am very excited to have Dr. Steve Carey on the show. Steve is Director of Studies at the Academy of Hypnotic Science.  He is an expert public speaker and teaches students how to communicate and deliver killer presentations through various Media and Communications subjects at the University of Melbourne.

In this episode I introduce The Two Things: it’s based on the idea that for every subject, there are really only TWO THINGS you need to know. [Read more…]