Episode 35 – How To Construct A Kick-Ass Elevator Pitch with Andrew Lovick

christina canters elevator pitch andrew lovick design draw speak

“So, what do YOU do?”

It’s a common question, the answer to which we often don’t give much thought to.

But if you are studying, job hunting, looking for new career opportunities or building your own brand, having an effective, prepared answer – by way of an elevator pitch – could be just the thing that gets you that big breakthrough.

Imagine if you had a 40-60 second prepared speech that showed your passion and your best qualities, and made your listener think “Wow, I would hire this person!”, or “I wanna help this person because they are awesome!”

This is what communication skills expert Andrew Lovick and I are talking about on the podcast this week.

I’m very excited to have Andrew back on the show, you may remember him from Episode 23. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to tweet Andrew to tell him so!

Want the worksheet?

Click here to download your free copy of “How to Construct A Kick-Ass Elevator Pitch”!

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Episode 29: How To Blitz Your Job Interview – Secrets of Executive Speech Coach Diane DiResta

[In the workplace] CONFIDENCE trumps COMPETENCE. That’s why if…you see someone who you know has less skill than you and they get promoted, I’ll bet you anything they have the confidence and ability to sell themselves.

dianne-middleSo you’ve landed that all-important job interview. Now all you need to do is rock up with your portfolio, let them see how how good you are at 3D modeling, and tell them that your only weakness is ‘perfectionism’. Right?


According to a study by the University of Michigan, when it comes to hiring managers, most decisions are based on 40% skill and 60% chemistry!

So what does this mean for you? Yep, if you can communicate well, you are much more likely to succeed at winning jobs!

This is just one of the many things revealed by my amazing guest this week – Diane DiResta.

Diane is a licensed speech pathologist, highly sought-after speaker and communication coach. She is the founder of DiResta Communications, a company that helps high profile people like top executives, politicians, celebrities and sport stars to speak the language of confidence and communicate effectively.

I was very excited to speak to Diane about how to be successful in job interviews and in the workplace. So if you are job hunting or want to move up in your workplace, this episode is a must-listen! I can’t stress enough how important this stuff is. [Read more…]

Episode 23: How To Approach People And Have Incredible Conversations – Interview with Andrew Lovick

Create a positive impact…be excited to meet them, and they will reciprocate and be excited to meet you as well.

Andrew Lovick Design Draw Speak Christina CantersDo you find it difficult to approach people at networking events, parties or even just on the street? Communication skills expert and serial conversationalist Andrew Lovick is here to help!

I met Andrew (@Lovicksandiego) at Social Media Marketing World 2014 in San Diego, and was blown away by his energy, generosity and natural ability to really engage with people in conversation. I just HAD to get him on the show!

In this episode, Andrew and I talk about why it’s so important to practice approaching people, and what you can do to make it much less awkward!

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Episode 20: The Power of Visuals in Your Presentation – Interview with Nadine Hanafi of We Are Visual

People appreciate it when you make an effort to simplify [dense] information…and put it in an image that will make it easy for them to absorb.

nadine hanafi design draw speakThis week I’m gettin’ visual with Visual Thinker and Communication Designer Nadine Hanafi.

Nadine is the founder of We Are Visual, a company dedicated to turning mediocre PowerPoint decks into visual experiences that persuade, inspire and engage. How cool is that?!

Not only determined to rid the world of mediocre presentations, Nadine also aims to ’empower people to become visual leaders and thinkers’ through her work.

She believes that a good idea alone won’t save a weak presentation. Having strong visuals can not only boost your presentation, but can also ignite passion, inspire others and get YOUR message across, just as you intended!


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Episode 19: How To Connect With Your Audience – Interview With Shah Turner of 30 Foot Gorilla

Engage with someone as a person first, before any of the other stuff…[then] they’ll really want to know about what you have to say.

shahThis week I am thrilled to be joined by talented designer, fellow podcaster and tallest half-Malaysian I know, Shah Turner.

He’s not quite 30 feet tall, but he does host the 30 Foot Gorilla podcast, a show dedicated to helping designers set up their own businesses.

So if you’ve ever thought about starting up your own design practice, Shah’s podcast is definitely worth a listen!

I was excited to interview Shah because he knows that in order to run a successful business, good communication skills are critical. It’s the best way to get clients to believe in you and your fabulous ideas!

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