Episode 32: How To Kickstart Your Career As A Freelance Designer – Interview with Nik Parks of Launching Creative

[To be a successful freelancer] there’s more to the equation than being a talented artist…having that drive and that ambition is really the secret sauce.

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Are you a design student or graduate who is thinking about dipping your toe (or perhaps plunging) into the world as a freelancer? Firstly: good for you! And secondly: you’re gonna love this episode!

This week I am very excited to have on the show fellow podcaster Nik Parks (@Nik_Parks) from Launching Creative.

Nik, along with his business partner David Rock, started Launching Creative to help creatives launch their own businesses and become business-savvy professionals.

In this episode, Nik and I are talking about what it takes to be a successful freelance designer. [Read more…]