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Podcast Episodes:

Episode 38: How to Make Yourself ‘Employable’ – Tips for Students and Graduates with Swinburne University’s Volker Janssen

Episode 37: What Stand-Up Comedy Taught Me About Communication – Interview with Judy Carter

Episode 36: How to Thrive in a Large Company and Propel Yourself to the TOP: Interview with the Engineering Career Coach Anthony Fasano

Episode 35 – How To Construct A Kick-Ass Elevator Pitch with Andrew Lovick

Episode 34: Want a Job in a Small Business? How to Get Your Foot in The Door with Museum Hack Founder Nick Gray

Episode 33 – Sher Leen’s Story: How I Learned Communication Skills and Landed a Job Out of 1000 Applicants

Episode 32: How To Kickstart Your Career As A Freelance Designer – Interview with Nik Parks of Launching Creative

Episode 30: How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Stuff Done – Interview with Productivity Expert Hugh Culver

Episode 29: How To Blitz Your Job Interview – Secrets of Executive Speech Coach Diane DiResta

Episode 28: Want to land your perfect job and have a successful career in design? Listen to this!

Episode 27: Get Discovered, Headhunted and Bulletproof Your Career with Personal Branding Expert Andrew Ford of Social Star

Episode 26: Creativity Is Not Just For Your Work! Why You Should Get Creative With Your Communication And How To Do It

Episode 25: From Shy Architecture Student to Kick-Ass Keynote Speaker – Lessons from Pat Flynn of

Episode 24: How to Overcome Anxiety and Become ‘Performance Ready’ – Interview with ‘The GPS Girl’ Karen Jacobsen

Episode 23: How To Approach People And Have Incredible Conversations – Interview with Andrew Lovick

Episode 22: Body Language Secrets – Simple Tricks For Getting Confident, Building Trust & Reading People’s Minds! Interview with Blake Eastman of The Nonverbal Group

Episode 21: How to Manage Your Ego…and Other Things I Learned in Architecture School – Interview with Matthew Frederick

Episode 20: The Power of Visuals in Your Presentation – Interview with Nadine Hanafi of We Are Visual

Episode 19: How To Connect With Your Audience – Interview With Shah Turner of 30 Foot Gorilla

Episode 18: Lessons From An Architecture ‘Underdog’ – Interview With Ulysses Valiente

Episode 17: How To Use Text To Make A Killer Impact

Episode 16: How To Manage Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Episode 15: How To Communicate With Clients – Interview with Bryan Miller & Nicole Hardman

Episode 14: 5 Tips For Better Sleep (From An Architect)

Episode 13: How To Refine And Articulate Your Ideas – Interview with Danielle Wilde

Episode 12: Only 5 Minutes To Present? No Problem!

Episode 11: How To Get Inside The Mind Of Your Tutor – Interview With Dr. Peter Raisbeck

Episode 10: Think Outside The Box – Guerrilla Style! Interview with Studiobird’s Matthew Bird

Episode 9: What Are Your Communication Goals For 2014?

Episode 8: 5 Communication Lessons From Beyoncé

Episode 7: Don’t Stress! (And Why You Should Learn To Play The Guitar) – Interview With Manuel Pineda

Episode 6: ‘Deliver A Compelling Story’ – Interview with Simone LeAmon

Episode 5: How To Use Passion To Fuel Your Presentation

Episode 4: ‘Surpriseology’ – Interview With Peter Billingham

Episode 3: The Meaning Of Your Message Is The EFFECT It Has – Interview With Dr. Steve Carey

Episode 2: Take Them On A Journey – How To Be A Kick-Ass Tour Guide

Episode 1: The #1 Thing You Need To Know About Communication Skills


  1. Love, love, your podcast! Can you please add subscribe by email to your Feedburner feed?

  2. Ibraheem Qaed says:

    I don’t know Christina before but when I downloaded this podcast and went through these episodes really I got and learned a lot of things and it helps me to be more confidence when I talked front of massive people ..

    Now this podcast has become one of my favorite podcast ..

    Also I want to thank Christina for her language skills it helps me improving my English language ..

    Best wishes,
    Ibraheem Qaed

  3. Estefania Ryan-Andrews says:

    Hi Cristina, I found you through LinkedIn and watched some of your videos. They were really cool and I will check more of the episodes. Look forward to hearing your interview with Matthew Frederick too.

    I am an architecture student and YES, being a good communicator is one of the best key in this industry, I know everyone can communicate but perhaps not in a professional way so I guess, believing to ourselves is the main key and more practice will definitely increase our confidence and become a great communicator.

    Would you mind if I share your podcast to our facebook page architecture student?



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