How do you make art fun? My video invite to Nick Gray, founder of Museum Hack

Ahh, museums.  Something I generally don’t bother with, especially in New York City. They are crammed with tourists and noisy children, they’re expensive, walking around for hours gets really tiring, and I have a hard time figuring out which bits to see.

And quite often, if I’m a looking at a piece of artwork, I Just. Don’t. Get It. I remember going to museums in Europe, and the only artworks I appreciated were the cubism pieces, because I’d studied it in architecture school.

So I was rather excited when I discovered Museum Hack, a museum tour company of passionate people dedicated to ‘making museums fun’. I did a tour with them at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I had an awesome time. There was only a small group of us, and we had two guides, plus Nick Gray (@nickgraynews), the company’s founder come along too.  Talk about special treatment!

Museum Hack also has one of the coolest and quirkiest ‘About’ pages I’ve ever seen, with awesome 30-second videos of each of their energetic tour guides. I loved it so much, I recreated one of their videos in a podcast interview invite to Nick. Check out the original Museum Hack videos here!

If you’re in or visiting New York, definitely check out a Museum Hack tour! (And if you do, tell them I sent you haha)


What are your thoughts?