Episode 39: How To Dress For Success with Caz Little of Dashing Hounds

Dashing Hounds Caz Little Christina Canters Design Draw Speak

You want them to remember you as “That person was well dressed, well groomed. They look like they’ve got control over their life.” It will make them more likely to trust you.

I’m very excited to be bringing you this very special bonus episode.

I know I talk a lot about communicating yourself verbally and through body language – but I haven’t addressed the topic of attire – and how you communicate yourself through your appearance.

To help me, I’m bringing professional men’s stylist and personal shopper Caz Little (@dashing_hounds) on the show. A former men’s fashion designer for brands including Lee Jeans and Elwood Denim, Caz is passionate about helping men look good. Bless her! You can find her online at DashingHounds.com.au.

In this episode, we talk about dressing to make a great first impression, whether it’s for a job interview, important meeting or a first date. And if fashion’s not your thing, don’t worry! Caz shares simple tips and tricks that anyone can implement – and you don’t even need to buy a new wardrobe!

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Episode 38: How to Make Yourself ‘Employable’ – Tips for Students and Graduates with Swinburne University’s Volker Janssen

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have relevant work experience. [What employers want to know is] do you understand what it’s like to WORK?

volker janssen christina canters design draw speakWhat do you think makes you ’employable’? Good grades? A pretty portfolio? The right connections? All these things help, but there is a lot more to it!

This week I’m chatting with Volker Janssen, the Employment and Information Programs Officer at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia.

Volker has been working closely with students and employers for a number of years, and knows EXACTLY what employers are looking for when recruiting new graduates. In this episode, we’re talking all about ’employability’ – what makes you IRRESISTIBLE to potential employers.

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Episode 37: What Stand-Up Comedy Taught Me About Communication – Interview with Judy Carter

Going for a job interview is like going on stage…[and] audiences judge you – yes or no – in the first 17 seconds.

judy carter design draw speak Judy Carter is a keynote speaker, author and motivational humorist who knows a LOT about being a great performer – whether on stage, at work or in a job interview.

Helping people find their unique message is one of her specialties, as is helping people de-stress and lighten up in the workplace through the use of humor.

In this episode, Judy shares what years as a successful stand-up comedian taught her about being a GREAT communicator.  

Episode 36: How to Thrive in a Large Company and Propel Yourself to the TOP: Interview with Anthony Fasano of EngineeringCareerCoach.com

Anthony Fasano Design Draw Speak Christina Canters podcast

Want to work for a large firm? Or maybe you’re already working and want to discover how to get the projects you want, more responsibilities, the best training and the resulting bigger paycheck?

If so, this episode is a must-listen!

Anthony Fasano (@AnthonyJFasano) is a bestselling author, speaker and host of the Engineering Career Coach podcast.

He helps young engineers achieve remarkable success in their careers. In this episode, we chat about how developing good communication, networking and leadership skills helped him to move up quickly within his large civil engineering company and become a partner at only 27 years of age! Talk about inspiring!

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Episode 35 – How To Construct A Kick-Ass Elevator Pitch with Andrew Lovick

christina canters elevator pitch andrew lovick design draw speak

“So, what do YOU do?”

It’s a common question, the answer to which we often don’t give much thought to.

But if you are studying, job hunting, looking for new career opportunities or building your own brand, having an effective, prepared answer – by way of an elevator pitch – could be just the thing that gets you that big breakthrough.

Imagine if you had a 40-60 second prepared speech that showed your passion and your best qualities, and made your listener think “Wow, I would hire this person!”, or “I wanna help this person because they are awesome!”

This is what communication skills expert Andrew Lovick and I are talking about on the podcast this week.

I’m very excited to have Andrew back on the show, you may remember him from Episode 23. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to tweet Andrew to tell him so!

Want the worksheet?

Click here to download your free copy of “How to Construct A Kick-Ass Elevator Pitch”!

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