Testing Out ‘The Two Things’ At The University Of Melbourne

Do you ever find it difficult to choose the most important bits of your ideas to share in a presentation?

One of my favourite tricks is to play the Two Things game. I introduced the concept of ‘The Two Things’ in Episode 3 with hypnotherapist and communication expert Dr Steve Carey, and delve deeper in Episode 12: Only 5 minutes to present? No problem! Listen in to those episodes to find out more!

Click here to see where the concept originated.

Earlier this week I ran a session on communication skills with the 4th year Master of Architecture students at the University of Melbourne. (It was great fun, I might add. They were awesome!) I introduced The Two Things, then asked the students to write down their ‘Two Things’ about one of the following topics: [Read more…]

The Podcast Is Nearly Here!

Yes that’s right – I’m launching a podcast and I can’t tell you how excited I am! It’s called “Presentation Skills for Design Students”, and will be coming to the New and Noteworthy section of an iTunes store near you. For news of the launch, just sign up on the right of this page. Don’t worry, I won’t be spamming you or trying to sell you anything :)