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Keep Calm And Contact Your PI Insurer: My Architecture Registration Interview Experience

In November 2013, I became a fully qualified Architect in the State of Victoria, Australia. This had been a professional goal of mine since graduating in 2010. This is my account of the oral exam that took place in Melbourne, October 2013. 

christina canters design draw speak

“I am confident in what I know, I am confident in what I know…”

I muttered to myself as I walked through the Fitzroy Gardens, which were pretty deserted apart from a handful of tourists taking pictures. I gazed at the trees and tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, to coax myself into the most zen-like state possible.

Bah. I was never good at meditation.

I reached Albert Street and checked the time. 11.30am. Ninety minutes until my Architect Registration interview, the final hurdle to becoming a fully-fledged member of the Super Special Secret Society With The Special Handshake (AKA Registered Architect).

The hard work of the last few months was about to come to an end, and I couldn’t wait to have it over with.

I wandered over to Gertrude Street and parked myself at a cafe with a long black and a Volume 1 Preliminaries tender document for one final read over. I doubt I took anything in, but it felt like I was doing something productive. [Read more…]

What US Airport Immigration Taught Me About Being Assertive

christina canters airport immigration

You know what it’s like when you arrive in a new country.

You’re tired, delirious and confused, and then you gotta line up and shuffle your way through passport control, where an immigrations officer stares you down and questions you over the length and intention of your stay.

Sometimes it’s easy and you scoot through without any worries, sometimes they ask for more details, and occasionally, if they’re really suspicious, they take you away for a lengthy private grilling.

I’ve never experienced the latter, but I’ve heard it happening to other Aussie travellers entering the USA, even when their intentions were completely above board (ie not trying to sneak in for an extended, cash-job stay).

So why do some people get interrogated and others don’t?

I believe it comes down to being assertive.  [Read more…]

My Latest Video: A Message for Andrew Warner of

Doing podcast interviews has been incredibly rewarding for me.

Not only do I learn from what my expert guests have to say (and share it with my awesome listeners); I also get to connect with them on a real personal level. And building these sorts of relationships has led to new opportunities, new connections and more exposure to my business. Win, win, and win!

Andrew Warner has experienced the same with his podcast, albeit to a much higher level. And that’s an understatement. Take my podcast, inject with steroids, multiply by a bazillion, point a wand at it and chant “Engorgio!”, give it 16,000 Twitter followers, add a man with a beard, and you have the Mixergy podcastwhere Andrew has interviewed over 1000 highly successful entrepreneurs and has built a thriving business.

I want to find out what Andrew has learned from these extraordinary people, how doing interviews has helped grow his business and networks, and how doing interviews with people in YOUR industry is going to benefit you.

So, as always, I made a video. Ans I can say for now that yes, I have made contact, woot woot!! Watch this space for the upcoming interview…

What question would YOU like to ask Andrew? Just shoot me an email or leave a comment below!

How do you make art fun? My video invite to Nick Gray, founder of Museum Hack

Ahh, museums.  Something I generally don’t bother with, especially in New York City. They are crammed with tourists and noisy children, they’re expensive, walking around for hours gets really tiring, and I have a hard time figuring out which bits to see.

And quite often, if I’m a looking at a piece of artwork, I Just. Don’t. Get It. I remember going to museums in Europe, and the only artworks I appreciated were the cubism pieces, because I’d studied it in architecture school. [Read more…]