Episode 33 – Sher Leen’s Story: How I Learned Communication Skills and Landed a Job Out of 1000 Applicants

Communication skills and confidence CAN be learned. The important thing is to keep an open mind and be mindful of areas where you can improve.


Meet Sher Leen. Christina Canters design draw speak sher leenShe’s one listener who has proven that you CAN learn communication skills and achieve awesomeness as a result!

Sher Leen reached out to me because she was feeling very nervous about an upcoming job interview (actually it was an ‘assessment day’, so a whole day of interviews. And that was just the first round!).

She was changing directions in her career and wasn’t too confident about convincing the interviewers of her capabilities, given her lack of industry experience.

But she was determined to do her very best, and was open to learning some tricks to help with her confidence and communication.

She had only been listening to the podcast for a few weeks, but after taking on board a few key lessons (plus a couple of chats with me) and lots of practice, she has already found success in her recent job hunting experience.

Out of 1000 applicants, not only did she make the top 20 who progressed to the final round, but she was offered one of the positions! How cool is that! Big congrats to Sher Leen, you worked hard for it, so well done.

Sher Leen actually sent me an audio testimonial, which she is letting me share on the podcast. I want to share her story with you because it shows that you CAN learn communication skills and totally kick butt in a highly competitive job market! [Read more…]

Episode 32: How To Kickstart Your Career As A Freelance Designer – Interview with Nik Parks of Launching Creative

[To be a successful freelancer] there’s more to the equation than being a talented artist…having that drive and that ambition is really the secret sauce.

nik parks launching creative design draw speak christina canters

Are you a design student or graduate who is thinking about dipping your toe (or perhaps plunging) into the world as a freelancer? Firstly: good for you! And secondly: you’re gonna love this episode!

This week I am very excited to have on the show fellow podcaster Nik Parks (@Nik_Parks) from Launching Creative.

Nik, along with his business partner David Rock, started Launching Creative to help creatives launch their own businesses and become business-savvy professionals.

In this episode, Nik and I are talking about what it takes to be a successful freelance designer. [Read more…]

Episode 31: 10 Steps To Networking Like A Pro

Christina Canters business cards design draw speakWe all know that when it comes to finding jobs and amazing opportunities, it’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know.

This is why learning to NETWORK is so important if you want to kick butt in your professional career.

In this episode, I give you my 10 steps to networking like a pro. And just like with everything when it comes to communication skills – is IS something you can learn. It just takes practice and persistence!

How to network like a pro

1. Find events related to your industry

  • Find organisations in your industry online
  • Sign up for email updates for event, lectures etc
  • Find events that the person you want to connect with is going to. [Read more…]

Episode 30: How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Stuff Done – Interview with Productivity Expert Hugh Culver

We THINK we’re busy…but the reality is…we really only put in a couple of quality hours of work per day.

hugh culverDo you put off the most important tasks until the last minute, resulting in sleepless nights and a whole lotta stress? Or do you get distracted easily by email, social media or delicious snacks? If so, this episode is for you!

Today I’m talking productivity hacks with keynote speaker and best-selling author Hugh Culver (@HughCulver). He helps people bust through procrastination and create real results and success in their lives.

Being a master of productivity means that he also has time to go on awesome outdoor adventures in his home country of Canada! (Surf skiing, anyone?) [Read more…]

Episode 29: How To Blitz Your Job Interview – Secrets of Executive Speech Coach Diane DiResta

[In the workplace] CONFIDENCE trumps COMPETENCE. That’s why if…you see someone who you know has less skill than you and they get promoted, I’ll bet you anything they have the confidence and ability to sell themselves.

dianne-middleSo you’ve landed that all-important job interview. Now all you need to do is rock up with your portfolio, let them see how how good you are at 3D modeling, and tell them that your only weakness is ‘perfectionism’. Right?


According to a study by the University of Michigan, when it comes to hiring managers, most decisions are based on 40% skill and 60% chemistry!

So what does this mean for you? Yep, if you can communicate well, you are much more likely to succeed at winning jobs!

This is just one of the many things revealed by my amazing guest this week – Diane DiResta.

Diane is a licensed speech pathologist, highly sought-after speaker and communication coach. She is the founder of DiResta Communications, a company that helps high profile people like top executives, politicians, celebrities and sport stars to speak the language of confidence and communicate effectively.

I was very excited to speak to Diane about how to be successful in job interviews and in the workplace. So if you are job hunting or want to move up in your workplace, this episode is a must-listen! I can’t stress enough how important this stuff is. [Read more…]