How to Become a Creative Communicator – My Message to ‘Steal Like An Artist’ author Austin Kleon

Want to know how I get guests on my podcast? I get creative! This week, I created a video for artist and author of Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work!, Austin Kleon.

I met him at a book signing a few months ago here in New York, and cheekily asked him to sign my book with the message: “Hi Christina, I would love to be a guest on your podcast.”

It didn’t work. But he WAS very nice about it:

christina canters design draw speak austin kleon steal like an artist

I decided to take a different approach. To get the attention of an artist, I’d have to think like an artist.

So I got crafty and set up my work space with post-it notes, paper, sharpie markers and a newspaper, and got to work. I hung my phone from a desk lamp with sticky tape (we’re super hi-tech here in the Design Draw Speak studio), and filmed myself scrawling words all over the paper, scrunching it up, unscrunching it, creating a Kleon-style ‘newspaper blackout‘ message, and basically making things up as I went along.

In total, I filmed for about 15 minutes. I then edited it down to the 1 min 46 sec video you see now. A quick tweet sent this morning, and BOOM! Austin replies within 5 minutes.

So if you’re looking for ways to get noticed, don’t be afraid to get creative! It doesn’t require a lot of time or money. All you have to do is abandon perfectionism and embrace fun. And be prepared to make a mess of your desk.

Have you found ways to be a creative communicator? I would love to hear how! Just leave a comment below!






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