Episode 36: How to Thrive in a Large Company and Propel Yourself to the TOP: Interview with Anthony Fasano of EngineeringCareerCoach.com

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Want to work for a large firm? Or maybe you’re already working and want to discover how to get the projects you want, more responsibilities, the best training and the resulting bigger paycheck?

If so, this episode is a must-listen!

Anthony Fasano (@AnthonyJFasano) is a bestselling author, speaker and host of the Engineering Career Coach podcast.

He helps young engineers achieve remarkable success in their careers. In this episode, we chat about how developing good communication, networking and leadership skills helped him to move up quickly within his large civil engineering company and become a partner at only 27 years of age! Talk about inspiring!

In this episode you will discover:

  • How Anthony got his very first job as an engineering graduate (hint: it’s to do with WHO you know ;))
  • How he managed to get job offers from multiple engineering firms when he graduated
  • How he felt overwhelmed when he first entered the industry – and what he did about it
  • Anthony’s ‘Two Things’ about working for a large company:
    1. Take advantage of opportunities that come to you – that is, recognize when opportunities present themselves and TAKE THEM. Are they asking for volunteers? Are they offering training or mentor programs? Get involved!
    2. Build strong relationships – get to know the people in the company. It’s like ‘networking’ within your workplace! People are then going to be more responsive when you’re working with them or asking them for help
  • Effective networking is not just about collecting business cards – it’s about the relationships you foster AFTER you meet someone.
  • How to build relationships and ‘network’ within your company
  • Why mentor programs are so important for your career development
  • Anthony realized that to be successful in his industry, he needed to talk to and learn from the people who already had success! So he did!
  • What he did to improve his own communication skills – ie reading books, watching videos, attending Toastmasters
  • What he did to become a partner of his company at age 27!
  • How to build your confidence at work – “A lot of young design professionals lack a lot of confidence.”

And finally…

Anthony shares THE FIRST ACTIONABLE STEP that you can take in order to really start to making headway and kicking butt in your career! And anyone can do this!

Challenge of the week:

Think about what YOU want to achieve next in your career. What’s your GOAL? Once, you’ve figured it out, WRITE IT DOWN. Putting it down on paper makes it REAL. Your goal could be:

  • To run a project
  • To work on a particular project
  • To make a certain salary
  • To obtain a certification
  • To reach a certain position within your company

If you’re just starting out and not sure of a long-term goal, that’s ok! Create a goal for a year or two ahead.

Why is this important? Creating a goal will give you DIRECTION and then you’ll know who to ask to help you get there. For example, when I started working, my goal was to get registered as an architect. So, I made sure to tell my project architect and HR my goal, and they helped me get the necessary experience and training to achieve it. Two-and-a-half years later, I got there! It would NOT have happened had I not set that goal in place.

Get in touch with Anthony:

Listen to his podcast: The Engineering Career Coach
Send him some love on Facey: https://www.facebook.com/EngineerYourOwnSuccess
Tweet to him: https://twitter.com/AnthonyJFasano



  1. Hey Chris! I LOVE this episode!

    Even though I’m not an engineer and I don’t work in a big company, I feel like I can really relate to Anthony and how he discovered the importance of communication and success. Except with me it was YOU that made me come to that discovery through listening to YOUR podcast (even at a point where I was super stoned and depressed) which, btw gave me something to work towards and aspire to have. Hearing how Anthony is now coaching other people on communication in his field has given me hope that one day I will be as good a communicator as him and one day I too will inspire other people to keep learning how to be a better speaker! One day I’ll do Toastmasters. Maybe when I get back to Melbs.

    Great questions Chris, you are the best! xx

  2. Lizzay, you’re right – your sister asks amazing questions, that’s probably why it sounded so good! No, but seriously it’s great to hear how you made a change. Once you make a shift like that, you can do it again and again. Feel free to reach out if I can be of any help!

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