Episode 31: 10 Steps To Networking Like A Pro

Christina Canters business cards design draw speakWe all know that when it comes to finding jobs and amazing opportunities, it’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know.

This is why learning to NETWORK is so important if you want to kick butt in your professional career.

In this episode, I give you my 10 steps to networking like a pro. And just like with everything when it comes to communication skills – is IS something you can learn. It just takes practice and persistence!

How to network like a pro

1. Find events related to your industry

  • Find organisations in your industry online
  • Sign up for email updates for event, lectures etc
  • Find events that the person you want to connect with is going to.

2. Connect with people online before the event

  • Use social networks
  • What are event-goers talking about?
  • This gives you something to talk about when you meet them!
  • Join the Facebook and LinkedIn groups and contribute to the discussions!

3. Take something to give away

  • Business cards! Signs! Lollies with your twitter handle on them!
  • I put my photo on my business card. It helps people to remember me!


  • No excuses – JUST GO
  • Tip – register for events that cost money. Then you’ll be forced to go!

5. Attitude

  • Bring a positive energy
  • Think: I’m here to talk to everyone. Not: I’m here to find a job.
  • If you’re there to have fun and are genuinely interested in other people, then people will be drawn to you and good things will happen.

6. Make the approach

  • If you have a particular person you want to speak with, don’t approach them straight off the bat if you’re nervous.
  • Approach other people first and have a chat to warm up your conversation muscles.

7. Be present and interested

  • It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to, give them your FULL ATTENTION.
  • Do you know how annoying it is when you’re talking to someone and they keep looking over your shoulder for someone more important than you? I can’t stand it!
  • When you’re talking to someone, practice being mindful.
  • Don’t snub someone just because they don’t seem important! Treat everyone as if they are the most important person at that event. You never know who they might know!

8. Ask for their details

  • Don’t just give out your card in the hopes they will contact you. Make sure you get theirs so you can follow up later.
  • Say something like “I would love to learn more about your company and they projects your working on, it sounds really interesting. Do you have a card?” If they want your card, they’ll ask for it.

9. Follow up

  • A day or two after the event, write them a short email to say how great it was meeting them. Try and mention something that you talked about that will make them remember you. Like “I checked out that website you told me about, it was great! Thanks for the tip.”
  • Or maybe you mentioned a website they could be interested in! That’s a great reason for contacting them.
  • It’s all about providing value and showing how you can help THEM.

10. Wash, rinse, repeat

  • You will get better with practice! You won’t improve if you don’t do.
  • If you’re nervous about approaching people, take a friend who is, get them to approach people and then get them to introduce you.
  • For other tips and tricks on approaching people and having awesome conversations, check out episode 23 with communication skills expert Andrew Lovick. 

What are YOUR networking tips? Id love to hear them! Just leave a comment below!

What are your thoughts?