Episode 30: How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Stuff Done – Interview with Productivity Expert Hugh Culver

We THINK we’re busy…but the reality is…we really only put in a couple of quality hours of work per day.

hugh culverDo you put off the most important tasks until the last minute, resulting in sleepless nights and a whole lotta stress? Or do you get distracted easily by email, social media or delicious snacks? If so, this episode is for you!

Today I’m talking productivity hacks with keynote speaker and best-selling author Hugh Culver (@HughCulver). He helps people bust through procrastination and create real results and success in their lives.

Being a master of productivity means that he also has time to go on awesome outdoor adventures in his home country of Canada! (Surf skiing, anyone?)

In this episode, you will discover:

Hugh’s ‘Two Things’ about procrastination:

1. How you think

  • Worrying about procrastination actually makes you procrastinate more!
  • Also, if you SAY you procrastinate, you probably will.
  • So, you need to change how you think!

2. How you act

  • Set boundaries of time –  “scheduled unavailability”  (a ‘meeting’ with yourself)
  • Batch tasks like email in 10-15 minute chunks – it’s like doing the dishes or cooking!
  • Take breaks! constantly take breaks
  • Move things away from your desk – like your water bottle, rubbish bin etc. This forces you to get up and move!

Plus extra stuff:

  • Did you know that sitting is the new cancer? Here’s how to avoid it!
  • What are ‘manufactured distractions’, and how to overcome them
  • Neil Fiore’s The Now Habit – How to “unschedule” – that is, Step 1: schedule the fun work first i.e. “In 30 minutes I go nuts on Twitter”. Step 2 – Work on quality work (single tasking). Step 3 – go back and count how much quality time you put in. Small wins!
  • Also check out David Allen’s Getting Things Done
  • Storytelling in your presentation – why stories are awesome!
  • How to use stories: Hugh’s 3 step formula:
    1. What’s the story?
    2. What’s the lesson? (What the story means)
    3. Application. (Examples of HOW to use the lesson, making it appropriate to the audience)
  • Important: don’t just tell a story and move on…show how it’s relevant!
  • Where to look for relevant stories if you don’t have a lot of ‘life experience’ (Hint: go to the movies!)
  • Free stuff from Hugh!

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