Episode 27: Get Discovered, Headhunted and Bulletproof Your Career with Personal Branding Expert Andrew Ford of Social Star

Your career IS your business. If you think a company’s going to hold on to you because they’re just nice people, that ain’t gonna happen.

Andrew Ford Design Draw Speak Christina Canters Personal BrandHave you ever thought about how you present yourself online? In a time where anyone can google your name, it’s worth paying attention to, especially if you care about finding a job and having a successful career!

In this episode, I’m speaking with Andrew Ford, personal branding expert and author of ‘Creating a Powerful Brand’.

We talk about why YOU should be thinking about yourself as a brand, and how to use blogs and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest in order to make yourself irresistible to potential employers and get your work discovered.

In this episode you will discover:

  • What is a personal brand?
  • Why you should be thinking about yourself as a brand – even if you’re still a student
  • How people form opinions of you before they even meet you
  • How you can use this to your advantage to make people want to get to know you (and potential hire you!) before you’ve met them in person!
  • Andrew’s advice for people who don’t like the idea of ‘selling yourself’ (Hint: “It’s not about self promotion, it’s about being present and there.”)
  • What is ‘attraction marketing’? (And how to use it to make people come to YOU, rather than going out there and selling yourself.)
  • How creativity will differentiate you and get you noticed – it’s not the quantity of stuff you put out there, it’s the quality.
  • Why you should create a personal website with your name and photo
  • How to choose which social media platform to use for your personal brand
  • Where the job market today is going, and why you need to be managing your own career by having a strong personal brand
  • What to do if you’re feeling a bit shy about self promotion
  • …plus much more!

Get in touch with Andrew:

Websites: http://www.andrewford.com.au/ and http://www.socialstar.com.au/
Send him a tweet: https://twitter.com/SirFord
Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sirford

Challenge of the Week:

Google yourself, and see what comes up! (Hopefully no nude pictures!) Remember, any potential employer is likely to Google your name, and anything that comes up on social media will have an impact on their opinion of you.

See if your search results in a consistent brand image. There is no point having a beautiful professional LinkedIn profile if your Instagram feed is also available to the public and consists of images of you frolicking on the beach. If you care about being taken seriously as a designer and professional, you need to pay attention to what your online presence says about you.

What are your thoughts?