Episode 26: Creativity Is Not Just For Your Work! Why You Should Get Creative With Your Communication And How To Do It

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.      –  Steve Jobs


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Another way to get noticed – make signs!

As a designer, you’ve already got a lot of creativity in your bones. But have you ever thought about getting creative in the way you communicate?

This is not something I see many people doing, which is a shame, because I truly believe that is it one of the best ways to not only deliver a great and memorable presentation, but to also stand out from the crowd and GET NOTICED.

And I know it works, because I’ve been testing it out at networking events, in my presentations and when asking people to be interview guests on the podcast. And the results I’ve been getting are amazing!

And the good news? It’s not difficult to do. Like Steve Jobs says: the solution will become obvious to you once you start making connections.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • WHY getting creative with your communication will make you more memorable, engaging and successful in presentations, at networking events, going for job interviews and when reaching out to people you’ve never met.
  • The BONUS benefits you may have not even considered
  • Why I think many people don’t do it
  • How I generate my creative ideas (and the simple way that you can too)

PLUS some creative ideas to get you started for:

  • Presenting to a group
  • Networking
  • Connecting with hard-to-reach people

Challenge of the Week:

Write down a list of what you’re good at.

Next, connect your strengths with something that your audience would like and respond well to. From there, you will start to come up with ways you can get creative with your communication. Once you start to generate ideas, you will find it gets easier to come up with more. So try it!

What are some ways that YOU have been creative with your communication, or something you’ve been thinking about doing? Or maybe you need some help? Whatever the case, I’d love to start a conversation with you. Simply leave a comment below!


  1. Some great ideas here, Christina. I really like the one about getting audience members to read out a note taped under their chair!

    By the look of it, I’d say creativity is definitely one of your strengths.

    Here are some creative ways to help people focus when someone asks a question during a slide presentation:

    You’ll also find links there that show how to “cloak” objects on your slides so they disappear into a photo, as well as a novel tip I call “stop Q&A hypnosis”.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on those, and by all means leave a link back to your own blog.

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