Episode 16: How To Manage Your Fear Of Public Speaking

design_draw_speakIt’s well known that most of us have a fear, to some degree, of public speaking. The effects range from slight nerves to a complete debilitating mental shut down.

But don’t despair! It is, in fact, a fear that you can ‘unlearn’! In this episode I share with you where our fear of public speaking comes from and three ways we can manage it.

Thanks also to Aleks from Monash University in Melbourne for sharing his advice on performing to the best of your abilities in class. Excellent tips!

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How to manage your fear

1. Put a different spin on the negative stories you tell yourself

You can’t change the circumstance, but you can change your mindset! Tell yourself stories that will help you, not paralyze you.

2. View your presentation as an opportunity, not a hindrance

Turn your fear into excitement, by thinking: ‘Here’s my chance to share my awesome ideas with the world!’

3. Give yourself a pep talk

Yep, and this is also your challenge this week. Listen in to find out more!

What are your thoughts?