Episode 15: How To Communicate With Clients – Interview with Bryan Miller & Nicole Hardman

As a student, we think [Architecture] is all about design, but it is really about people and people skills.

If you think that being a successful architect is all about being a great designer, think again!


This week I have the pleasure of speaking with Bryan Miller and Nicole Hardman, experienced architects who each run their own small practices in Melbourne. Together, they run the PARC course, a series of tutorials to help experienced graduates of architecture become registered Architects.

I took the PARC course last year and Bryan and Nicole were absolutely brilliant tutors and mentors, not to mention excellent communicators! (And if you’re wondering, yes I passed all the exams, and am now a Registered Architect. Woo hoo!)

If you’re in Australia and want to find out more about the PARC course, email info@practicingarchitecture.com.au.

I’ve learned so much from Nicole and Bryan, and in this interview they share many gold nuggets of advice, including:

  • Nicole and Bryan’s ‘Two Things’ about clients
  • Why practicing architecture is really about people skills, not design!
  • How to answer difficult questions when put on the spot
  • The difference between ‘pitching’ your ideas at university and pitching your ideas to clients
  • How to listen to your client, and why it’s so important
  • Their #1 piece of advice that will help you as a student transition into your professional career
  • …plus much more!

Thanks also to Shah Turner from 30FootGorilla.com for sharing his Story from Studio with us!

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