Episode 14: 5 Tips For Better Sleep (From An Architect)

design_draw_speakIt’s become part of design student culture to deprive oneself of sleep. Personally, I was never good at pulling all-nighters. It would take me a few days to recover and feel normal again, so delivering a half-decent presentation in that time would have been absolutely impossible!

I accept that getting less sleep is all part of being a design student, especially towards the end of semester. But are things you can do to make the sleep you get better quality, and that’s what I’m sharing with you today in this episode. Listen in to find out!

Thanks to Brendan for sharing his Story from Studio with us!

Challenge of the Week

This week I challenge you to implement just one of the 5 tips for getting better quality of sleep.

For example, try a quick heart-raising exercise like burpees. There are different ways of doing burpees, but at CrossFit we do them like this:

  • Bend at the hips, put your hands on the ground while jumping feet back into a push-up position
  • Lower your chest to the ground
  • Push your chest off the ground, jump your feet back to your hands, keeping legs only slightly bent
  • Stand up, jump, and clap.
  • Repeat for as many reps as you can! Try for 100!


  1. banana man says:

    i find that a banana and milk before bed really helps!
    here is a list of food that can help induce sleep


  2. Loving these tips! Especially do exercise do burpies if you want haha

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