Episode 13: How To Refine And Articulate Your Ideas – Interview with Danielle Wilde

The idea of speaking is to…be understood, it’s not to show how clever you are.


design_draw_speakDo you wish you found it easier to explain the jumble of ideas in your head? Meet my interview guest this week – Danielle Wilde. She’s here to help!

Danielle describes herself as an artist, design researcher and academic, whose work focuses onĀ “creating opportunities that engage the body through the imagination and imagination through the body”.

Some examples of her work include:

  • hipDisk – disc-like skirts that play music when the body bends forward and back
  • Juice Me – a plastic bubble vest filled with fruit that juices itself when you hug someone
  • The in-visible skirt – a series of LED lights worn on the hips that create beautiful light patterns on the ground that change with movement

All very weird and wonderful projects! See more at www.daniellewilde.com.

In the episode Danielle shares:

  • Her ‘Two Things’ about designing for the human body
  • How she communicates her complex ideas
  • How she determines if her message has been understood
  • Her thoughts on using jargon
  • How to unjumble the ideas in your head so they can be understood by others
  • …Plus much more!

If you’d like to see Danielle in action, check out the video below.

What are your thoughts?