Episode 11: How To Get Inside The Mind Of Your Tutor – Interview With Dr. Peter Raisbeck

Most design critics…want to talk about the big issues in relation to the design…the sooner you can get to the big issues in your talk, the better.

design_draw_speakThis week I chat with Dr Peter Raisbeck, well-respected and experienced lecturer at the Melbourne School of Design (University of Melbourne).

He currently co-ordinates the university’s Master of Architecture program, and has seen more than his fair share of student design presentations (“thousands” – as he puts it!), so I was keen to pick his brain to discover what HE looks for in a good presentation.

In the interview Peter shares:

  • What he believes 90% of students are doing wrong
  • What you can do if English is not your strongest language
  • His “Two Things” about design tutors
  • What tutors look for in design presentations, and how to get inside their minds to discover what they REALLY want.
  • The difference a good presentation can make to your final marks (this may surprise you!)
  • …plus lots more!

Thanks also to Justin for sharing his story with us! (Want to share YOUR story? Click here!)

Challenge of the Week:

We know it’s important to understand your tutor’s point of view when it comes to your design projects and presentations.

Similarly, you can practice this in your daily encounters with others. If you want to achieve a particular outcome with someone, put yourself in their shoes and look at the situation from their point of view! Listen in to find out more!

What are your thoughts?