Episode 10: Think Outside The Box – Guerrilla Style! Interview with Studiobird’s Matthew Bird

Don’t ask questions. Just go do it.

matthew_birdThis week I chat with talented designer, keen traveller and ‘guerrilla architect’ Matthew Bird from Studiobird, a Melbourne-based boutique design studio.

Matthew loves exploring the concept of architecture as experiment through his engaging and thought-provoking projects.

His work is varied, ranging from architecture and interior design to performance projects and installation art. Very cool!

But what I found striking about Matthew is his attitude.

Matthew is living proof that if you truly believe in your ideas, you can achieve awesome things. His ‘just do it’ approach has led to him gaining incredible industry experience, starting his own studio at a relatively young age, and travelling all over the world doing design collaborations. Totally inspiring for all you budding designers out there!

In this episode Matthew shares with us:

  • His passion for his role as Lecturer and ‘student collaborator’ at Monash University in the Interior Architecture course
  • What he believes the current generation of design students do well when presenting
  • The number one thing he believes design students struggle with
  • Why he believes nerves are a good thing
  • His Two Things about architectural experimentation
  • …and lots more!

***NOTE: in the intro I accidentally say Matthew teaches “Industrial Architecture” instead of “Interior Architecture”. Whoops! (And I almost say it again in the interview! What’s wrong with me??) 

Thank you also to two of Matthew’s talented students, Rebekah and Ash, for sharing their wonderful Story from Studio with us! Click here to record YOUR story of a lesson learned during your time as a student!


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Challenge of the Week:

This week I’d like you to get thinking guerrilla-style like Matthew and consider: what if?

Think about the total extremes of possibility, and you will be well on your way to achieving something truly remarkable. Listen to the episode for more on this!

What are your thoughts?