Episode 9: What Are Your Communication Goals For 2014?

Happy 2014 everyone!design_draw_speak

I hope you’re feeling fresh, energised and ready to grab a hold of the new year with all your might. It’s gonna be an exciting one, I can tell!

Maybe you’re starting a brand new design course. Maybe this is your final year or semester! Or perhaps you’re midway through your course and pumped to get back into it.

Whatever the case, why not make 2014 THE year to take your presentation skills to a whole new level? I know I’m gonna go for it!

In this episode, I share with you:

  • Why setting goals is important
  • A different approach to goal setting that focuses on what you’re already doing well

Challenge of the Week

Here’s the exercise (don’t worry, it’s really simple!) Write down:

  • 3 things to start doing,
  • 3 things to stop doing, and
  • 3 things to do more of.

I go through it in more detail in the podcast, plus I share what my communication goals are to give you some ideas, and hopefully some inspiration too!

If you want to kick butt this semester and really step up your design presentations, I definitely think you’ll enjoy today’s episode! And I’d love to hear what YOUR communication goals are for 2014. Simply leave a comment below :)

What are your thoughts?