Episode 7: Don’t Stress! (And Why You Should Learn To Play The Guitar) – Interview With Manuel Pineda

The AgeThis week I am very excited to chat with my friend and all-round good guy Manuel Pineda.

Manuel is a Colombian architect and guitar aficionado with a penchant for hand drawing, heavy metal and talking fast. He is also a super talented designer who absolutely loves getting his teeth into a challenging design competition.

In 2012 he and his colleague, Eduardo Velasquez, submitted an entry in the Flinders Street Design Competition, an international competition to rejuvenate and restore Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street Station. Their design was based on Eduardo’s Master of Architecture thesis project at the University of Melbourne.

Out of the 118 entries, theirs was shortlisted alongside 5 well-known Australian and international Architectural firms.

Hell. Yeah.

But the coolest part? They won the People’s Choice Award (by a mile, I might add), which was determined by 19,000 public votes from around the world. What a simply awesome achievement!

View their entry here

View the other entries here

In the interview Manuel shares:

  • What is ‘social sustainability’ and why it’s important in architectural design
  • How he calmed his nerves before doing media interviews
  • How to keep your sanity during semester when the workload gets overwhelming
  • The setbacks he and Eduardo faced with the Flinders St competition and how they overcame them
  • His Two Things about…playing guitar (I suggested: 1. Learn the G, D, Em, C progression, and 2. Get a capo. But he has two of his own!)
  • His Two Things about…design competitions
  • Hilarious stories from his time as a university student (and the lessons he learned)
  • …and lots and lots more (including a plug for my Kips & Kale blog, which I did not pay him to do…I promise)

What are your thoughts?