Episode 4: ‘Surpriseology’ – Interview With Peter Billingham

Peter BillinghamWhen was the last time you experienced a pleasant surprise? Maybe you received an unexpected gift, or your housemate randomly cooked you dinner, or you found a $10 note floating along the ground. Memorable, yes?

Now what can you recall about presentations you’ve seen at university or school? To be honest, not too many stand out in my memory. (I do remember a group of students who gave out free beer during their talk. While not very conducive to attentive listening, it was certainly unexpected and added an element of fun!)

Whatever the event, surprises have the power to create positive, memorable experiences, which is something we should all aim for in our design presentations.

Creating positive surprises is what I am chatting about this week with the delightful Peter Billingham. Peter is a visionary leader, conference speaker, public speaking coach, speechwriter, author and (as you are about to find out) exceptional storyteller. You can find him at peterbillingham.com, where he blogs and shares stories about public speaking, writing, creativity, travel and much more.

We talkĀ  about:

  • Peter’s ‘Two Things’ about public speaking
  • What is ‘Surpriseology’ and why it is important
  • How you can deliver positive surprises during a presentation
  • The Challenge Of The Week: How to truly listen to someone
  • Peter’s top 3 tips for getting more confident at public speaking

Other resources mentioned:

Tania Luna – Surprisology from Surprise Industries on Vimeo.

What are your thoughts?