Episode 3 – The Meaning Of Your Message Is The EFFECT It Has – Interview With Dr. Steve Carey

Ohhhhh yeah do I feel like a rock star or what…it’s my very first interview!design_draw_speak_artwork_blog

I am very excited to have Dr. Steve Carey on the show. Steve is Director of Studies at the Academy of Hypnotic Science.  He is an expert public speaker and teaches students how to communicate and deliver killer presentations through various Media and Communications subjects at the University of Melbourne.

In this episode I introduce The Two Things: it’s based on the idea that for every subject, there are really only TWO THINGS you need to know.

So what are The Two Things about communication?

  1. Each side is educating each other all the time
  2. The meaning of a message is the effect it has

We also talk about:

  • The 3 biggest mistakes that students make when delivering presentations
  • Why you should present your project to your grandma
  • What is rapport and why it is important
  • What happens when a monkey sees its trainer grab a banana…and much more!

I also have a hilarious Story from Studio for you, and a really great Challenge of the Week that can make people…wait for it…like you more! And it’s really simple and easy. Have a listen to find out more!

I hope you enjoy :)

What are your thoughts?